Joseph Barnett aka Hardo was born in Pittsburgh, Pa on May 6 1992. The 20 yr old hip hop artist was given the name “Hardo” in 2010 for his reputation known around the city for his hardcore, real and raw lyrics. Hardo was raised between the both of his parents whom provided for him and made sure he was taken care of to the best of their ability. Hardo was a honor roll student who involved himself in sports early on in life but decided to explore other activities as he got older.

Hardo started rapping at the age of 8 yrs old, although he didn’t take his rap career as serious as he did in his later teens he feels like its his time now to show the world his performing and lyrical skills. The first song he ever recorded titled “Street Money” was recorded in the home of good friend and now famous Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller in 2009. Hardo started to lose focus in school in the 10th grade and by the age of 17 he was arrested for a home invasion which he was charged as a adult and placed in the county jail held on $100,000 bond. The charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence and he accepted a plea as a juvenile for probation.

After completing high school in 2010 he enrolled in a trade school for business management, trying to do the right thing but he felt himself back in a tug of war between school and the streets. He subsequently chose the streets which quickly lead to multiple arrest for possession and intent to deliver heroin. Hardo was also the victim of a attempted ambushing in which he was shot while sitting in his car at a red light in East Hills a neighborhood on Pittsburgh’s eastside. Soon after being released from the hospital he along with closest friends created a music label called Trap Illustrated. Hardo began to book shows and parties at various Pittsburgh nightclubs performing and promoting his brand and new singles bringing turnout crowds of at least 150-200 people at each event with a cover charge ranging from $10 to $20 dollars per person. Hardo then began to received lots of good reviews from local radio stations and urban magazines. Backed by a huge street buzz throughout Pittsburgh and Western PA Hardo knew he had the support of the city behind him so he along with label mate Deezlee decided to drop their first mixtape together titled “Fame or Feds”(Rap or Bricks) which featured local Pittsburgh rappers  Kizzl and Asco, It was hosted by a famous mixtape dj by the name of Dj Rell.

Hardo is one of the top independent rap artists in Pittsburgh with Youtube views totaling over 1,000,000 and several mentions from chart topping Pittsburgh rap artist Wiz Khalifa. It sure seems like he’s next to blow up. Their are some fans who think Hardo already has signed a major deal due to his prior investments(hustling) in which he benefited from, to the point that some would consider successful especially after he purchased a 7 series BMW and an iced out diamond necklace with his own money. Hardo was recently released from prison on Oct 23rd, 2012 after serving a year behind bars due to a previous drug conviction, some heard of a rumor he was incarcerated due to controversial video he did titled “Cutt Throat” which was untrue. He is now set on regaining his fan base with new material and a new mixtape on the way titled “Hard or Soft”. Hardo is now determine more than ever to prove himself to be a law abiding citizen while pursuing his rap career with no plans of returning to jail. He has the look which some like to compare to famous southern rapper T.I., the voice which is described as distinctive, and the street swagg of a young confident MC.

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